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Hello everyone, this is my first post, but thanks to everyone who have posted before me.

On to my adventure; I took my 2005 s430 4matic in for it's "A" service. After being greeted and handing my keys to the manager, I noticed that my drivers side was sagging a little. I asked him to check it out.

After a few hours of research I was hoping beyond all hope that it was a leveler, relay or simply the pump. Alas I received the news, it was a strut that needed replacing. The manager presented me with a quote for over 1700.00 dollars. On top of that, he could not get the part until well after the holiday. That gave me time to research how to replace the strut myself.

That's right, I'm going to replace the strut myself. (insert joke here) Why pay 321.00 for labor plus over 1400 for the strut, when you and I can buy the strut for 458.00 (arnott).

After reviewing the strut replacement instructions in WIS, and reviewing the removal process from strutmasters, it seems like a less daunting task. I am however worried about any issues I may encounter with calibration of ride height, etc.

You may also find this amusing, he took a picture of the torn strut bellow as justification of the need for the struts replacement. In fact the issue with the strut failure is internal. The bag rubs inside the strut canister and then fails. Supposedly the arnott struts are supposed to use a thicker bladder, hence the longer warranty.

If the cost of replacement at a shop/dealer was reasonable then I would gladly pay up, however, since it's not I'll do it myself.

Your comments are welcome and needed, the part is being ordered for delivery and installation this coming weekend.

Thanks in advance from all here on the forums...


P.s. According to wis my car is past the chassis number that can use the seal replacement kit, even tho it showed no sign of leaking there.

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