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2008 PT, 1998 neon--1965 VW 1200
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my father finally(after 4 months) drove the car and said the acceleration WAS an issue, i always thought it was just the feel of 60 some horsepower pushing around 3500 pounds, but he says its not supposed to be that slow.

heres the drill--

Push on the gas on a hill with a warm engine and just settle back into the cushy lounge chair while you wait about 10-12 seconds to pull through a 4 way stop. on a flat road it is much improved. basically at a stop light, you push the accelerator pedal count to 5 and youre starting to roll like the cars behind you have been for the prior 5 seconds. i know it starts in second gear and if you put it in first it does work correctly on a flat road, but it does next to nothing on an incline!

the second issue is just a clunk on the back wheels when you hit large potholes. is this the rear sway bar bushing/rear end mounting rubber? my guess is the latter, as the car clunks ever-so-slightly when you put it in gear. i know i need to get at the driveline mountings, theyve likely never been changed! so maybe ive pretty much got this problem licked--

the last issue is minor-- the AUX fan always runs. the fuse was burned and i put a spare(my dad and i both marveled at the convenient spares located in the fuse panel.. those zany germans) but the question i guess is.. is there a switch that might have gone bad? i hear the fan is only supposed to come on when the air is on? i hope to not harm the car by running it too cold(about 150 degrees...another minor issue, EVERYONE posts in metric and i have standard gauges!)

these are the only issues remaining apart from more smoke since the strainer was cleaned out, my guess is its just running too rich because it was adjusted by some shadetree ford mechanic that didnt know the engine was starving for fuel causing it to now be extra fuel as opposed to the correct ammount!

thanks again yall!
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