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jet sizes for dual carb. setup?

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does anybody know if the jets are the same for the
dual carbs?

this are the correct sizes for Unimog with M180 engine;
Main jet 2x 140
Air correction jet 2x 210
Idle jet 2x 55
Air idle jet 2x 140
Starter jet 1x 100
Float needle valve 1x 200
Pump jet 2x 55
but how about M130?

(i thought like this: one carb can feed 80 hp on a
M180, that means that two carbs can suply enough fuel
for 160 hp, which seems a bit high for the M130..)

i´m looking aorund for carb. repair kits, but all
i find is for the single carb. setup
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found it out myself!

its the same jets. [:)]
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