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JEEP CJ6 PROJECT, MOG 421 suspension travel & engine swap options.

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Hello, this is my first post here. I'm building a jeep cj6 using unimog 421 running gear. (axles, gear/transfer box & torque tubes.)
I'm planning on using fox racing coil-over shocks, but i don't know what length of travel i need. What i'm trying to find out is what is the fully compressed and fully extended length of a standard shock for a unimog 421. As from what i've seen of unimogs in the past the standard suspension travel is enough for my needs.
Also i'm planning on using either a 300E straight 6 or 500SE V8 engine. Does anyone have knowledge of anybody doing either of these swaps. I have both of these engines available to me but i want to know which 1 would be the easier to fit to the gearbox. I've been told that the 300E engine should bolt straight to the bellhousing, but i can't check this at the moment on either engine as they are both still in the cars.
Any help would be greatly apieceated, Thanks Frank.
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DOH!!!!! I've just scrapped a 280GE engine and manual box!!! I've swapped in a 500SE engine and box into my old G-WAGEN. Because the gearbox had blown.
Oh well, i'll just have to buy 1 then, to be honest i hadn't even considered using the old G engine.
My main reasons for going for a petrol engine is 1) high revs than the diesel. 2) I'm planning on converting to propane.
Also, that would be great if you could measure your 421. THANKS
:goojob: Thanks for that snoman, But since starting this thread i've recieved the latest issue of JP magazine. There is a '07 wrangler in this issue using 404 axles and the suspension set-up is very simply and my friends and have been studying it. We've come to the decision this set-up is the way to go be cause of it's simplicity.
Here's a basic outline of the set-up: On this jeep they have used a triangulated 3-link and a propshaft conversion, which i'm not using because i'm retaining the torque tube and panhard rod(this is the complicated part of their set-up). Then they've used standard jeep grand cherokee coil springs that are mounted to the axle spring mounts and then to fabricated some spring mounts under the chassis rails. Then they've made some shock hoops and fitted extended travel shocks.

Plus i've now got a 280 GE engine!!!!!!:) So all systems are GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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