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JEEP CJ6 PROJECT, MOG 421 suspension travel & engine swap options.

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Hello, this is my first post here. I'm building a jeep cj6 using unimog 421 running gear. (axles, gear/transfer box & torque tubes.)
I'm planning on using fox racing coil-over shocks, but i don't know what length of travel i need. What i'm trying to find out is what is the fully compressed and fully extended length of a standard shock for a unimog 421. As from what i've seen of unimogs in the past the standard suspension travel is enough for my needs.
Also i'm planning on using either a 300E straight 6 or 500SE V8 engine. Does anyone have knowledge of anybody doing either of these swaps. I have both of these engines available to me but i want to know which 1 would be the easier to fit to the gearbox. I've been told that the 300E engine should bolt straight to the bellhousing, but i can't check this at the moment on either engine as they are both still in the cars.
Any help would be greatly apieceated, Thanks Frank.
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I can't help you on the suspension travel, but on the engine the 300E engine will come closer to fit, but the starter provision in the bell housing will be on the opposite side of the 421 tranny. you will probably need to machine an adapter to mount it, or you could find an OM617A 5cyl turbo diesel engine, it will bolt up to the tranny and can use the flywheel from the 421 engine if you have it rebalanced. If you want to go gas you could put in a M110 2.8 dohc 6cyl out of a 280SE sedan and it will bolt to the trans, but you will need to find a 280GE G wagen flywheel and clutch to make it work.

Hope this helps.

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