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My C180 is now in ICU. 2008 Jan in its 7 year. C&C @ JB dismantle and saw the state of the engine, camshaft, valve & chain.
Quoted $29k RM & I almost fainted :crybaby: !! Sent to C&C there as I was driving from KL-Malacca-JB before it fail to ignite after experiencing vibration at low speed or stop. Was praying hard for it to last back to SG but luckily it failed me when I park to rest at my parent's place. Tow to C&C @ Tampoi on Monday 23/2/15 & after getting electrocuted, tow the casualty to a workshop in Permas Jaya - MB Auto Garage
(Owner formerly works at C&C and started joint venture @ G-performance auto sdn bhd). Saw a posting about this workshop owner GAN from another forum and called the guy who posted in the forum (he was nice enough to leave his contact in the forum for those in need of help) and decided to give it a try. He immediately assess the casualty and told me confidently that at C&C, the damage would be around $28k RM. Told me mine is the earlier batch and is prone to this problem. The 2 camshaft adjusters' teeth(majority) were badly worn out causing the piston to continually hit the valve and now it could not shut completely. I still have photos of the extent of the damage and Gan was able to share a few options with me. In fact he showed me a receipt of a similar condition of the damage and it totalled $18k RM :shhh: . Still sensing my unhappiness about the amount, he reassured me he will try his best to give me a satisfactory price by 27/2/15 after assessing & checking the price with his source. He came across to me as a trustworthy man who knows Benz inside out having sent to Germany for a training & work stint. I hope to share the good news to you when my car is discharged. Then I will update you about his workshop and workmanship. Meanwhile I can only pray hard.... :confused:
(Feel free to msg/call me @ 9387-8484 :coffee4: if you wish to take a look at the damaged of my C180 and the quotation from C&C) :wink:
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