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So I've firmly committed to replacing the struts on the car this summer. I'll probably go with the Blistein heavy duty struts to get a little more handling.

My question relates to the outboard spring design of the suspension. Presumably, it looks like I don't really need a spring compressor to remove the struts as the springs are outboard. However, it looks like I'll have to find someway of loading the springs on the swingarm while keeping the rest of the chassis stable enough to do the strut replacement.

Has anyone replaced struts without the spring compressor? Anyone have a detailed procedure for doing this (like how to load the swingarms?) It doesn't look possible in the rear as there is no solid place to load the springs except for the hub (don't want to put the jackstand under the polymer splashguards).

For removing the shaft fastener what type of hex setup have people used in place of the MB special tool? You need to hold the shaft in place with a hex wrench right? Also, is it possible to get it torqued back to spec without the special tool?

Also, last thing I want is the springs to come undone from the chassis so are there any special considerations WRT that?

Thanks for any input in the matter!

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I used a couple of blocks of wood (4 X 4) placed under the swing arm, then used my floor jack to raise/lower the car as needed to position the new strut. The strut force isn't so strong as you might expect. As I recall, I used an old socket set with a vice grip attached to remove/replace the top bolt while holding the shaft steady with the Allen wrench. I don't remember being concerned about the actual torque setting. Took me about 45 min. per side to do.

Good Luck

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