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I recently purchased a pair of the J.W. Speaker Model 8700 LED Headlights for my G500. A couple of weeks after installation, I drove in an extremely heavy rain (like a cow pi$$ing on a flat rock) at highway speeds; and one of the lamps got water inside. The heat of the LED's fogged the entire inside of the light and severely reduced the light output.

In attempting to obtain a warranty replacement, it was determined that I had what they call the "old style" Model 8700; and there was no longer one available for replacement. Once that had been determined and to prevent my ending up with one old style and one new style lamp, J.W. Speaker corporate got involved and just shipped me two (2) new style Model 8700 lamps over night at no charge. They only asked that I return both the defective and the non-defective old style lamps.

That is what I call excellent customer service!! Thank you, J.W. Speaker!
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