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I've just bought my second W201...

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Hey guys,

I now how two Mercedes to care for, have picked up a 5 speed manual 180E in addition to the automatic 190E 1.8 I got last year. It's a very basic car, but in very tidy condition and very low mileage for its age (140,000km/87000 miles)

A few pics from the classifieds (not sure how long they'll be up for):

I now have 3.6 litres and 218hp of Mercedes! Will probably keep both for a few months and work out which one I prefer of the two.
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Beautiful! Glad to see you got it :)

How does it run?
nice clean looking car....congrats..gods what i would give for a LHD 16v here in the states...
Thanks guys!

1984babybenz: It needs a wheel alignment and it needs a wheel balance (got to 100km/h and all the sudden one of the tyres is going thud-thud-thud-thud-thud). But, the little 1.8 M102 engine is willing and eager to rev, it takes off from the lights how fast I want it to (rather than how fast the auto transmission is willing to let me as in my 190E), the manual transmission not too awful to use (you quickly get used to the notchy shift and long throws) and at freeway speeds it is a perfectly relaxed drive - no busy engine sound at all! The manual really does allow you to get the best out of that little 1.8 litre motor.

Now if I could just somehow merge the wheels/drivetrain of the 180E into the nice coloured body and higher-spec interior of my 190E, THAT car would be the keeper!

EDIT: just a few extra pics (including the silly looking rear wing that I'm probably going to want to get surgically removed)

Note that despite this being the poverty model (with stupid giant clock where there should be a tacho) I still get adjustable front headlights and foglamps. I also get the only bootlid badge in the entire W201 range where the model number actually made sense according to Mercedes' previous model designation system! (ie 180E = a fuel injected 1.8)
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Paint and interior looks spectacular. I wish I could find those seats in the US. Welcome to the two W201 club:thumbsup:
Awesome ride man, so clean! Looks like a lot of fun and like it was well maintained. I would love to own a 5 speed MB, I think it would be a lot of fun. Welcome to the forum!

You could always retrofit a tach in. A few threads going on about that.

IMHO, the rear wing takes away from the classy look of the car. Would hate to have a few touch up spots on the paint though, it looks amazing!
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