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It's official! If you ordered COMAND you lose.

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MB confirmed today what dwightz has stated that any order for a C Class with COMAND will not be built until at least late October at the earliest. That means maybe I will see my car in December, maybe next year. This really sucks and we need to let MB know we think so.
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What make you think they care if you think it sucks?

Early '99 SLK+MT cars were being built without cruise control and all they would say was "availabilty delayed" and give a $200 credit on the wondow sticker. Trying to find out when it would be available was fruitless and trying. NOBODY among us waiting/wondering whether our ordered vehicles would/woould not get the CC ever found anybody at MBUSA who cared in the slightest what we felt about it. Good luck! (But wait--you'll be glad you did, I'm sure.
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