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I figured i'd sign back in, i lurk from time to time, but i figured nows as good a time as any to ask for help, lol....

Firstly, window motors. My passenger window is the only one working, both rears and drivers went bad, and thats ridiculous.

I was interested in finding out if there were other motors that could mount to the window regulators, or if anyone knows if i could adapt GM ones to work.

Another thing... was wet sanding my headlights today, to take off the bit of fadedness that all lights get... and i don't know what possessed me to do it... but instead of drying it off with the compressed air when i was done, i got a firm grip on it, and gave it a nice hard swing to get the water off... and apparently i don't know my own strength... because mid swing it pretty much exploded and went flying into my bushes... i'm lucky i didn't put a gash in my palm O_O

Is anyone on here willing to part ways with a drivers-side OEM headlight/fog lense?

And the rest of my problems...

I have a dead short somewhere. I have no clue where, i know it wasn't there when i bought these car a few months back (for a handsome sum of $500, and believe me, if found out that's about all its worth.)

Also, it would appear the previous owner was a little too ambitious, and ran over what would appear to be a boulder the size of mars its self. Behind the drivers side wheel its pushed in a about 3"... its like a hit-and-run, but he hit someone made of solid steel.

And today... i was putting a jack stand under the drivers door where the jack point is, to take a look at my brakes. put a jack stand there, let the pressure out of my floor jack... and watch as my w124 sank around the jack stand... i had no idea it was rusted so bad, i can see like a quarter size rust patch that i was going to fix when i had enough money to re-paint the w124... but i don't even want to imagine how bad the rust is. I'm really conflicted, i love the 300e, its so much fun to drive, and i have great plans for what i want to do to it.... (think garrett gt3582R .63, H&R, widebody, 17" sparcos, digital dash, megasquirt) but it seems like when i fix one problem... i get two more.

Did i forget to mention i cant get into my trunk? when i got the 300e it had been broken into, trunk lock was smashed, destroyed, all i could save was the lock mechanism, i fixed a actuator to the lock, epoxied some sheet metal over the lock hole, bondo'd it in and flushed it with the car, and painted over it, you'd never think there was anything there.... but now it would appear that my 2 month old actuator went bad... and now i have NO way of getting into the trunk. Just awesome.

Its an amazing and handsome car, and i don't want to part it out and try to get my money back... But i'm really tight for cash since nobody seem to want to hire me.... and i think i need some motivation not to part it out.

Any info or advice you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated...

Edit: how in gods name do i get the speedometer cable back onto the dash cluster? i tried for easily 2 hours today, and nothing. I cant get the threads to start... i eventually had to start it up and let the sound of a well balenced 3 liter engine with a rusted out muffler calm me down.... why is it so hard to get it to thread? has anyone else had this problem???

If you took the time out of your day to read through my problems, thanks. Enjoy some random pics of me modifying/fixing the 300e. The person who owned it before me must have liked these, just not known anything about cars, as you'll see in the following pictures.

replaced all the wires with decent wire and crimped them correctly.

its neglect.

Making sure i found all of his f*** ups.

Note the 1/0 gauge wire. I do things correctly. :)

No reason to blur it out. Its not like anyone on here could make any more problems with it lol.

Yeah, its a rats nest at the moment, but im working it out, making sure everything is working correctly before i stitch it all up. hitting unlock once unlocks the doors, hitting it twice rolls down the front windows and opens the sunroof (when the motors are working, that is)

This cheers me up tho, i saw my sister come home with her boyfriend in this one day, i nearly died laughing. I guess i really dont have the worst car after all, lol. Thats real carbon btw, he wont let me clear coat it again for him, no idea why.

I dont know if its because of the previous owner, or what, but all the window switches are broken, so im working out new wiring at the moment.

Checking the brakes, like i mentioned. Pads have alot of life left, look almost new, rotors tho, not so good, im thinking about getting the replacement OEM brembos for $50 a rotor, just so i can say i have brembos, haha.

And thats where i am now. I really need new tires, these ones are down to about 1/64" tread, but they're so exspensive :/

$400 is alot for a guy with no income. I wish i could be like some of the guys on here, throwing $2500 at their suspension and never even thinking about it... But i guess we all gotta play the hand we're dealt.

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Well, your post tells me that you have been truly enjoying your car, and 124s have a habit making DIY owners love them. Look at what you started with and then look at how far you've come with a "$500" W124. Surely worth more then $500 now. The knowledge you've gained from working on this car is worth between $180 and $230 an hour depending on where you live. So in reality it's actually paid for itself already.
With all that said you really need to search your heart and decide if parting out is a good choice. Also, how much would it really cost to replace the 300 with something equal. Seems you have put a great amount of time into making it right and would you be willing to start again on another car. I know that trying to squeeze a dollar out of a dime can be tough, but with a little leg work you should be able to get all the stuff you need for her at a very reasonable price, like tires, go to a local tire place and ask if they have any used low mileage take-offs, most shops let these go for as low at $25.

All-in-all your tale in very inspiring and actually made me smile this morning as I have been in you situation and have more positive memories then negative.

Good luck and keep up the fight, it really is worth it.

Eric S.

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Like it's been said over and over again; 'There is no such thing as a cheap Mercedes'. Although your money so far as been minimal, your time to fix what someone else attempted to fix, has been horrendous. I would have walked away from the deal at the first sight of those 'repairs'. But, you're doing things correctly and I hope you find all of his misdeeds:thumbsup:.

The price of these cars on the current market, will put them in about anyone's hand, so beware!


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great color combo and wow, that's a serious amount of work you've done! :bowdown:

those cavaliers were the worst, I would rather bike around :D
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