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This forum has saved me thousands of dollars in this year alone. In the past two months, I have DIY the following with help from the forum:

1. Instrument cluster (Thanks 43sqd)
2. Spark plugs and wires
3. Oil change + oil, air and cabin filters
4. Transfer case fluid
5. Differential fluids
6. Rear brakes and rotors
7. Fuel pump and fuel filter
8. Water pump
9. Shifter gear shutter and bushing

Out of pocket expenses have only been about $1000 which has saved me over $4000 when quoted by my indie or dealer.

Cheers to all the contributors on this forum who make this all possible!

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Yeh Chennney. These guys give their time and experience for free, which has helped us all. Thanks from me guys. Lets all have a big hug.

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Not quite on board with a group hug :p, but would like to say thanks, especially to 43sqd, Noodles, and Witek for their help.

This past spring, I specifically went with an older Benz because of confidence in tackling any issues with the help of the forum, and was able to DIY in:
- Engine oil port leak
- Transmission service
- Brakes and rotors all around
- parking brake adjustment
- O2 sensors
- CPS sensor
- Air Blend motor actuator replacement
- Engine coolant and oil change
- stupid fuel filter replacement
- Instrument cluster bulb changeout
- cabin and engine air filter changeout
- rear view mirror replacement
- front headlamp removal and replacement with projectors

Now that the ML is nearly up to par for basic maintenance, it feels pretty good.

If it had not been for help from the forum, I would have gotten a new but cheap, and soul-less ride like a Kia.
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