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02 G500
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recap, last tuesday took the G in for more warranty work,

1) no tag or reverse lights
2) broken door handle
3) window that will not open
4) low oil light
5) fix center arm rest.
got it back

1) wireing harness THEY installed for the triler hitch was pinched, and wrong wireing harness. new one installed. also replaced the SAM, in the center console again.

2) Reattached and oiled the door lock, and handle

3)installed a new windo regulator.

4) could not duplicate problem

5) when replacing sam tech lost a part of the arm rest. Replaced center arm rest.

So all is good till i get home and notice my headlight are half way one. Im like i dont remember turning on the parking lights. get out and look and nope, it the head light bulbs they are getting like half the power they need when off. then when you trun them to "on" they come on...

it never ends.
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