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Its back! haunting me again!

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That irritating soft top console switch is on again,what the hell!,have a code 1,no problem found,oh yea? really? so stop sounding off,maybe I can pry it off and run over it a few times!haha,kidding aside ,probably have a lock that needs adjustment,only happens with top up and locked,better get busy!have to take the wife out and the weather is turning,or leave it and sing to that wonderful music,ding,ding,ding,flash,flash,flash!:baby bottle:
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Fixed it,found driver side front latch not locking completely due to soft top front trim panel ,underneath side,had come loose,that made the seal bunch up so lock wouldn't close all the way,after inspecting whole system ,found one leaking main cylinder DS,now leak detected front of rear wheel on under chassis. will be looking into rebuilding seals,will start a new thread.


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Want to loan me some money??? on disability right now,and funding is low! I usually fix everything and anything that comes my way! my dad was like that,guess I inherited his skills!
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