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Dear friends,
I know this is not internet ethics nor a gentlemens style to start my first post like this.

I joined this forum to learn from the gurus how to take care of my new purchased MB. Being my first car ever and after reading all the reviews on this car i decided to go for one. That i did.
Bought a red A 140 model 1998. I couldnt help showing ppl how happy i was. Until i got the big blow was about to service it. I opened the oil cap only to find yellow accumilated stuff there. I ran to my local garage a friend whom i well know. From first sight he screamed f**king head gasket. Thats when i literally p*ss*d blood. Thats when i stumbled into Bert Rowes article on:
Bert Rowe's-A-class information.mypage.38.htm.
I did exactly like noted on this page accept i didnt use the engine flush. I took her for a long ride till after cleaning the pipe and stuff only to find that this yellow stuff accumilated on the sides again...
I am at the point of really breaking up coz i really dont know what to do. If it is head gasket then better trash the car here are some pictures i took today
Any advise will really light my way thank you for reading and respect to all whom who answer this post.

When i checked the water tank that i filled yesterday it was empty after a 2 hour long run
Pictures are here to illustrate more bout this car


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