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Is this car worth $350? It smokes bad!!

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Check out this car and tell me if it's worth $350? It smokes terribly and smoke comes out if you take the oil cap off the engine too...Why is this? What can I do to fix it cheap? Is it worth it? It has 315k on it. I drove it and it rides smoother than my 300d... [B)]
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An Italian tune-up is where you drive the car at full load, wide-open throttle for several minutes at a time. Find a hill or mountain, put your right foot in it and don't let up till the thing acts like it runs better.
I'd buy the car if you're nearby, and spend a couple weekends leisurely parting it out. Ebay yourself into profit. You can make some money on that thing if you dismantle it carefully. A word on the running condition of the car- it's called blowby and it's got lots of it apparently. Means bad valve seals most likely. Engine's worn out for all practical purposes. It will still run good at operating temp however, that's the great thing about these engines. Buy it and part it out to make some $$$ on Ebay.
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