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Is this car worth $350? It smokes bad!!

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Check out this car and tell me if it's worth $350? It smokes terribly and smoke comes out if you take the oil cap off the engine too...Why is this? What can I do to fix it cheap? Is it worth it? It has 315k on it. I drove it and it rides smoother than my 300d... [B)]
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Ditto on the blowby. That means the engine has a lot of wear, probably in the cylinder walls too. Another option is to buy it, spend a few dollars to get it road worthy, and use it as a daily driver. Then you will find out if it is worth an engine rebuild, or parting out. If it's not worth the rebuild, drive it till it quits and part it out. It may still have a lot of miles left in it even with the blowby, though it may use some oil.

Is the smoke black, gray, or blue? Blue would definitely indicate oil burning, which means the engine is really shot. Black or gray could be simply a fuel or air issue.
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