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Is there anyone like me???

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Iam 24 year old single guy who just graduated and bought a 96 s320. The car is beautiful, but iam really getting sick of people saying stuff like 'iam too young for a car like this' or 'ure wasting ure money' or 'is this ure dad's car?' Is there anyone like me who drives a machine like this?
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I am 24 YO as well

I get the "when do you have to take it back?" every now and then... and i am like take what back? the answer is "daddy's car!"

i guess it depends on what i am wearing, if i am in buisness wear, the car does fit, but in the evening when i put a pair of baggies or shorts on... its a different story... lol
1 - 1 of 69 Posts
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