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Is there anyone like me???

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Iam 24 year old single guy who just graduated and bought a 96 s320. The car is beautiful, but iam really getting sick of people saying stuff like 'iam too young for a car like this' or 'ure wasting ure money' or 'is this ure dad's car?' Is there anyone like me who drives a machine like this?
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stuttgartstud, I like your rims. What kind are they?
Tbilisi79 said:
there are other cars to explore.
S55, BMW 745i Sport, M5, E55.

So many cars, so little time.
Not a bad list... You may want to look into a Jaguar XJR, and a Chrysler 300 SRT-8, I've heard nothing but good things from both....
You are correct. The old Mercedes 500E, and 94-96 Chevy Impala SS were both sedan sleepers.... If you were to get an S55, or E55, or M5, I would remove all AMG and/or M power badges (Except rims of course) to make it a true sleeper. Maybe even badge it down to S430, or E320, or even 525i
1 - 3 of 69 Posts
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