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A friend asked me for advice for her 2010 Mercedes C250 4Matic (Canada). She was told by her mechanic that she should use the original rims for her winter tires since these have a special protective coating. Is this true?

Also, he said that she should not get any metal rims for this car since you cannot find good quality winter metal rims. The mechanic said that even Mercedes dealers will see her made in Chine non-hubcentric rims. But these apparently flex and will cause vibration. Is this also true?

The mechanic apparently uses a new fancy non-contact mounting machine for the tires; thereby not scratching the rims when switching from summer to winter and vice versa.

I spoke to the mechanic and he seemed very informed and even said they use the top quality balancing weights to avoid damaging the aluminum rims.

Now apparently the Mercedes dealer says there is no such protective coating on their rims and they recommend a 16" metal set of wheels+tires. They also claim that the aluminum original rims will expand or warp in the winter cold. Is this true?

The original size of her tires and those ordered by the mechanic are 2 x 245/40-17 and 2 x 225/45-17. The tires are Bridgestone Blizzak LM60.

Not sure who to believe here. Any suggestions/advice?

PS: We are in Montreal.
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