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Is the W124 Still a Reliable Choice? [OC - Video]

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A couple weeks ago we were invited to test drive a 1988 Mercedes-Benz 300E with AMG kit. As is the case with all the videos we produce now, we include a buyer's guide and detailed information about these cars throughout the video. To do so we need to research the cars. The owner's provide plenty of information about their specific car, but we like to cover as much as we can.

So a big thank you goes out to this community, which surprised me with how active it is in comparison to other generation of cars on other enthusiast forums. You guys here really love your W124s! And I hope that I was accurately able to represent this car in the video we published this morning.

We hope the videos we produce like this will help people who are interested in learning more about the W124 or in the market to buy one. We were surprised at how many great examples are out there on the road still! So much so that we had offers from a few other owners to have their W124s reviewed, one convertible happening this week.

Our hope is to film at least 2 more in total then provide a full Buyers Guide video on the car. So please let me know if I might have gotten anything wrong during this video, or if I missed any critical information that would be important for subsequent videos. It's one thing to research problems and complaints on a forum, but it's another to live with them! As much as we'd like to own and live with a W124 to get the full picture, we'd have to buy every car we film. I'd like that, but my wife would murder me.

Hope you enjoy our trip back to 1988 with this video, we really enjoyed making it!
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Very interesting, and quite a nice car.
Not a full stock 1988 however (not mentionning the AMG add-ons, but the anachronic rims, headlights, hood grille, ...).


ps: to answer your first question, "yes", to me the w124 remains the most reliable car, ever.
Stock-Ish :p At least it's not spray painted and modified beyond recognition. Someone's ruined a good 78 S-Class by putting 21" rims and re-upholstering the entire interior with blue/black leather with oversized tri-stars on it.

The W124 definitely seems like a reliable choice, after speaking with some other enthusiasts about it they all come to that same conclusion.
I was not criticizing the fact that people tune their cars.
I was just pointing at the fact that if you want a faithful report on what was a 1988 w124, you need to choose carefully the target of the video you make.
In that case, so many elements are not 1988.

As a personnal point of view, I prefer stock cars, as close as the factory could build at the time, although some aesthetic parts may be upgraded (for instance, rims as long as they provide the same driving specifications and have a look in line with the vintage).

No, no, you are not!
I would do the same, I am actually looking after a Becker to put back in place in my 500E.
If you have the chance to report on a 500E, please share with us.

Here is mine, full stock:
The white blinkers will soon be replaced by orange ones.

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May be I missed something, and may be because this is not my mother language, but I did not get the reason why you make these videos?

I see.
So you make videos and you share on social networks, right?
That's a very good idea, like a buyer's guide on our forum, but with images and sound.

Very great initiative indeed, and true, that is filling a void.
When I am on the way to purchase a car, I read a lot, and never would have come the idea to go an search for owners' videos. Now it will.

So good luck with your videos and keep on sharing with the community.

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