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Is The Grass Greener?

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I have a very nice 1999 SL500 with 34K miles with both hard tops in Desert Silver. I recently found a 2002 Silver Arrow with 58K miles and panoramic roof for $15K. Do you think there is enough collectability worth in the Silver Arrow branding to justify trading? I could just keep both, but only have a 2 car garage. Was the build quality compromised between 1999 & 2002, with the merger having time to sink in?


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Same car, different color basically. Unless the Silver Arrow is a 'must have' for you, the process of selling/buying or holding two of the same car would not be worth the trouble. Collectibility would not be a question either - unless the Silver Arrow had some obsessively low mileage and condition. And even then...what fun is that? If you aren't driving and enjoying it, might as well buy a painting and hang it on the wall.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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