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Is reprograming a remote possible?

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Does anyone know if you can reprogram a remote from another car to a different one by switching the key blade from one to the other? I have a broken case that I would like to transfer it's key to another case.
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EOLJR - 4/14/2006 6:30 PM

Thanks again. You saved me some money again. Why are they selling these remotes on ebay?
I paid a personal visit to the Mercedes Key Center here in the Fort Worth area recently. They absolutely guarantee you cannot program an SLK remote from one vehicle to the other. They explained fully the complex reason. I immediately forgot it though [:eek:)] One reason to buy a remote on ebay is to have a spare in case your "case" cracks or breaks, you can always use the new case. The sellers on ebay will argue all day long that you can reprogram them, but you cannot.
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