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After taking piano lessons from a Swedish woman for so many years, she's decided to get herself a brand new Corvette and have it shipped off to Sweden for when she retires in the next few years.

So she needs to get rid of her 1979 450 SEL. Being the foolhardy adventurer I was, I jumped in and she literally gave it away. So now I'm $0 into an investment on this car, and I want to know if it's worth keeping around.

It's been sitting for about 10 years outside at a storage place.

It has a few problems that need addressing:

1. Power steering feels like all the fluid leaked out. Same with the brakes; it has basically no brake power right now.

2. Body is kinda rusty, but whose isn't?

3. No idea of anything else's condition, but I remember thinking the milage is low, under 100k.

It's been started and let run once a year annually, and it does run and barely drive, but it needs a tuneup desperately. All in all, I fell in love with it, and I need to know if it's worth saving. It would be a daily driver eventually.

Also, it's kind of a baby blue color, what's the color called?

I'll post pictures when I can take them some time next week.

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