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is it possible to switch?

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hello i have a chassis 124 1987 mercedes benz 300e. and my dad is really being stingy and annoying. i have a guy that is willing to give me a good deal on the sound system ( all 4 speakers and eclipse headunit, ive done my research and its a good deal ) but my dad wants to keep it stock for some reason. he doesn't care about the speakers though because those are unseen. but he doesnt want an aftermarket head unit to be shown. he would rather have a stock mercedes head unit. is it possible to get a better ( keyword better, cd player or something good made from mercedes ) that will fit into my slot? if so , how much would it cost? would i have to go to the dealership? possible to find it at a junkyard? does the cost of the car go down if its like an aftermarket eclipse or alpine head unit instead of the stock? oh and only one speaker works. that why i want to do this. its really annoying me

-- freddie
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Check around for headunits by Becker. I think they make most of the headunits for MB back then. Also, check for new headunits by HarmanKardon/Becker and Blaupunkt. I haven't checked on them recently, but the were making stock appearing units in the past couple of years.
ok thanks, ill look at that when i get home. im at school right now. and later on i have a track meet.. wish me luck :D ! oh and thanks for the quick reply. other sites are really slow and don't have the information that you do. thank you so very much. and i will tell all the mercedes people that i know to go to this site. ill check the becker thing when i get back home.. and if you have any free time and feel like being helpful, you can help me search for where i can buy them. thanks, have a good day!
ok well i just go back ( first place in the 400 meter with 56.3 seconds :D ) well all the ones i saw just look like normal aftermarket parts ( blue leds and such ) from Blaupunkt and becker... i didn't see any other ones which look like stock... if you see one then ill gladly look at it.... but would put lets say an... eclipse 5444 head unit depreciate the value of the car??
gadzooks... those are pricy and what im getting is better... pricewise that is...anyways... would installing an alpine as opposed to on that you posted make the car lose its value???
I think the influence in value on a W124 of 1987 depending on what type of radio is installed will be non-existing. Check out E-Bay for a recent Becker Mexico 2340. They go for about 200 dollars and you have the possibility to connect a Becker Silverstone CD-changer (another +/- 200 dollars).
Here is a link to Ebay where a guy is selling a brandnew one with wooden front (rare)


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ok... well im leaning on putting on my own head unit so far since you say the value won't change really... any more opinions on what will happen to the car value if i change the head unit ( radio )
anybody else want to tell me if it would raise or lower the value of my car.... im thinking about seling it at the middle of next year....
Just keep the old radio in the trunk and switch it back if you are that concerned....

It should not affect the value. The car lists at about ~$2300 on
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