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2000 ML 430 (W163 - A1646xx)
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Hello all. :)

...just a quick question here; Does anyone know how to lookup part numbers within the MB WIS software?

If it is not possible, what is the best place online from which to find MB part numbers from a part description or keywords?

For example, in the WIS diagrams for the heater core, the following parts are called-out but without an accompanying part number:

Blending Air Flap Actuator (M16/8)
Recirculated Air Flap Actuator Motor (M39)
ETC Control Module (N15/3)
AAC Control Module (N19)
Blower motor Series Resistor

(BTW: I don't think I actually need to replace all these parts in connection with my current undertaking but since I've got the dash torn-apart, I thought I'd at least look at the function and cost of these various parts).

Also, in connection with other projects on my list, I would appreciate part numbers for:
Right, Rear Seat Belt Buckle
Right, Rear D-Pillar Cover (aka "Exterior, Faux Tinted Glass bits on either side of the Lift Gate") always, THANKS in advance, for any help you can give this newbie!

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