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I would like to fit 70´s style 15" Bundt style alloys on my 1989 SL but the brakes are too large. The problem is the front brakes, the 4-cylinder callipers (correct english? I mean the things that "grap" the disc) that are to large and hit the spokes on the inside of the wheel. I estimate I would need approximately 30mm spacers which I guess is not feasibile.

What are the largets size specers that one could use? Maybe if I "shave off" the corner of the callipers, I could use something like 20mm. Probably not a good idea, huh?

I know the wheels fit earlier SLs (until 1985). What exactly changed when the brakes were upgraded 1986? Are the disc diameter larger as well as the callipers? I am willing to sacrifice the larger brakes to fit these wheels. What parts do I need to change to go back to the smaller size brakes?

Please help! I really like these (very unusual and hard to find) wheels, and I allready spent lots of money renovating them to condition like new. Yes I know, I should have checked before, but wheelsize and offset is correct (7x15, ET23 vs original 7x15 ET25) so I thought worst case I would have to use spacers.
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