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Is it a good idea if i do this..?

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Hi all,

I joined this forum about one year ago when i bought my W126 (280 SE), this is such a great forum that i can really learn a lot from it. Most of the time i was just being a good reader , reading the threads almost daily. theres lot of fun to it.

Ok, i'm from Malaysia, ( south east asia , and yes my country also hit by the recent tsunami) .What really excites me is that most of the forumner ( or is it forumnist) know each other in person ( local grouping etc ), hold gathering once in a while. So i was thinking of forming( but im not a good collaborator [:(]) some sort of grouping for the benz owners ( especially w126 owner from this part of the world ( Malaysia, Thailand,Singapore, Brunei ). Since i was kind of busy, the idea doesnt really sink.

Recently, I was having problems with my business partner ( just a small company setup), so break up. So while waiting to get all the compensation and money, I really got nothing mush to do so i try to develop a website ( using opensource tools) , in view of acquiring new skills for myself. It is some sort of portal for benz owner , but i'm not in anyway going to compete with our beloved , its for virtual meeting point for owners in the east asia. Calendar for activities that sort of thing. I have it hosted here if you all want to have a look

I would appreciate very much any feedback from you guys, especially from south east asia. If the response positive, i can arrange for a proper hosting with good domain name.

sorry for the long post and the poor english :)
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English is fine and the site looks good – meetingS are a great idea. Good luck.

Post more often, BTW – pics of your 280?
Thanks Jdc, I get motivated already :) .

Recent survey, there're still about 500 units of W126 still roaming the streets in Malaysia, I think the figure should be higher in Thailand. Dont know about Singapore they have stringent rules for older vehicles. and we have over 2000 miles of hiway stretching across singapore-malaysia-thailand , wonder if we can group all the w126 and convoy along these hiways.

I dont have much pix of my w126, here's some ..


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