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Is anyone interested in installing carpc or TS?

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I am having a company make a console, so i can refit the buttons and A/C and install a screen. If anyone wants one, it'll be aluminum, and you can pop the switches in, and screw the A/c back on, but with space along the top and a cutout for touchscreen or whatever. It'll cost about $60-150, i'll know how much based on how many pieces i get made. PM or email me, or leave a message here please. One time deal only, respond quickly, having the plans finalized on tuesday.
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Eddie, is the console full size like the one in the SEC, or just the command area or what? Made out of aluminum, so I imagine that I could have burled walnut veneer over it. Let me know, might be a fun experiment.
Sounds very interesting Eddie.

What size screen do you think you can get in there?

Do you have any basic plans you can share?

Yes, you will most likely want to have it covered with a wood veneer, or painted eventually.

here is the general outline.

8" veiwable monitor, and one extra button hole. You can see the shape allows the OEM buttons to be pushed in the same way they fit the OEM console piece. There may be 4 small screw holes (2 for A/C, 2 for touchscreen).

I am designing it to fit the 8"veiwable touchscreen from xenarc, about $500 bucks, with 3 inputs, vga, and 2 RCA, and monoaudio.

if you want it as a package with touchscreen fitted in, i may be able to do it for you, it's rather straightforward. Of course you need a GPS module, or a computer, or a DVD player as well to take advantage of this.


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Oh yeah, you can fit smaller screens, but that would defeat the purpose. if you fit a 7", just put a frame around it.

I can make recommondations for parts, and general instructions for installing the whole setup, but i don't want to deal with selling and assembling the things, unless you offer me something to make it worth my time in addition to the cost of the parts. (an AMG spiral bound book would help, *hint* *hint* mrtikket).
Hey eddie, nice looking project. I was thinking about doing a carpc as well. I may be interested, but was thinking of removing the ac controls all together from the console. Check out or They make some very nice usb servo motor and relay controllers very in expensively. They are also supported in girder, so you can use a very easy front end like mainlobby from to create the buttons, and then link them to girder. That way you could us a bigger screen, and modernize the look of the dash. Just an idea. My project is a long way off... motor mods first. Keep the list updated, I am very interested in your results
Yes i saw that. Really liked it, but it all came down to not wanting to wait for the PC to boot up before i get A/C. Originally i wanted to mount my monitor portrait style and use up the whole space, but i can't find any good monitors with Touchcreen, and bright enough to be veiwable in the sun. The 8" is veiwable in everything except direct sunlight.
Eddie, Ill try one. Just let me know pricing and I'll paypal you. If you want cash, I'll ship fedex. Sounds like a phone project.
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