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Climate control

I don't know much about the S280, as they were never sold in North America, but I imagine the climate control is automatic like in my 560SEL. In most cars, selecting EC will turn off the airconditioning, as EC is economy mode, and the use of air conditioning can hurt your fuel economy. I suggest just keeping the dial at 22C, and not on EC mode, if it gets too warm, the air conditioning should come on automaticaly. Also check that the fan is on auto. (W140 drivers can correct me on this because I've never driven a W140)

As for the heated rear seats, I highly doubt you have them on the S280. There would be a switch for them on the rear doorpanels, and wouldn't be controled from the front. When two lights are lit up, it just means rapid heating, on the W126, it turns itself to just one light after a few minutes.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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