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IPOD Question

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I have read around and done loads of research on this topic, and have even posed some of my own questions in other forums but i am still unclear. I have a 2006 Mercedes S350, from what i have found it does not have an AUX jack so Mercedes iPod set up will not work but will the Dension Gateway 500 work? On the websites i have looked on it says up to 2005 model year is that correct or will it work on a 2006? what do i need to do to get an iPod installed in my Benz

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Thanks for the response but on the website it says the gateway is not for the 2006 is that correct? What is the part i would need?
Where can i purchase the gateway 500...i live in tampa and i would like to find a reputable audio dealer to hook this up so i dont want to mess up anything in my benz
Thanks golfnut...where are you going to post the results once you get yours hooked up?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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