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IPOD Question

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I have read around and done loads of research on this topic, and have even posed some of my own questions in other forums but i am still unclear. I have a 2006 Mercedes S350, from what i have found it does not have an AUX jack so Mercedes iPod set up will not work but will the Dension Gateway 500 work? On the websites i have looked on it says up to 2005 model year is that correct or will it work on a 2006? what do i need to do to get an iPod installed in my Benz

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there should be an aux in and out in the rear of the head unit, you need to pull it out to get access, most fab shops remove the head unit, hook up the wires, and run an "aux in" line to the glove compartment where you can plug in your ipod.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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