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iPod question on 2009 S550

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I have just bought a 2009 S550 4-Matic with AMG sport kit, Premium 3 and iPod. Absolutely loving the car.

I do have one question - I am having trouble with pausing the iPod either manually or when a call comes in.

I listen to a lot of audiobooks so losing my place is a real pain. Muting doesn't pause the ipod and incoming phone calls don't seem to pause it either (?). Only way I have found to pause iPod is to turn audio off from the Audio menu or by switching inputs (e.g. go to FM). However this is hard to do when a phone call is coming in without hanging up on the caller.

Anyone else with this system got any tips or tricks for a newbie?

Thanks in advance.


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I don't have the kit but I remember this being discussed before and other users reporting the same.

Can't you convert your audio books into MP3 (if not that already) and play them from the PCMCIA interface, there pause would work during a phone call. DVDs would be the same but I find PCMCIA with memory cards more convenient.

I guess it has to be an issue with this older approach for iPod interface where the control is not coming from the head unit and the mute signal does not reach iPod (interface).
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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