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iPod question on 2009 S550

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I have just bought a 2009 S550 4-Matic with AMG sport kit, Premium 3 and iPod. Absolutely loving the car.

I do have one question - I am having trouble with pausing the iPod either manually or when a call comes in.

I listen to a lot of audiobooks so losing my place is a real pain. Muting doesn't pause the ipod and incoming phone calls don't seem to pause it either (?). Only way I have found to pause iPod is to turn audio off from the Audio menu or by switching inputs (e.g. go to FM). However this is hard to do when a phone call is coming in without hanging up on the caller.

Anyone else with this system got any tips or tricks for a newbie?

Thanks in advance.


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I actually ordered a PCMCIA adapter and 8GB CF card - I plan to put the audiobooks and podcasts on that so I can pause/control those. I'll leave my music on the iPod since I am not as bothered about losing my place on songs (can always back up a track or two from the steering wheel controls).

I'll let you know how that works out.
Well I have good news, good news and good news.

Note I used Transcend Ultra Speed 133x 8GB CF and Transcend PCMCIA CF Adapter.

  • The 8GB card and PCMCIA reader worked perfectly first time (didn't even require formatting)
  • The door closes completely
  • Copying the files was very straightforward, even if you use iTunes to manage podcasts (in iTunes select "Show in Windows Explorer" and just copy the Podcast folder straight over)
  • The files are read quickly into the system
  • The COMAND screen shows the folder contents in a very clear way
  • Long filenames are displayed properly
  • Navigation around the folders is easy

Appears that my problem is solved - hopefully.


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I do use iTunes but how did you get the files onto your CF card in the first place?
I have a cheap Radio Shack USB reader that takes a variety of different card types including CF - works like a charm.

So basically I let iTunes do its thing downloading the latest podcasts then copy the entire "podcasts" folder onto the CF card. No more effort (or time) than syncing an iPod.

One more trick I just discovered - you need to *push and hold* the COMAND control knob to the side to FF and REW through a track - turning the control skips forward and back a whole track at a time.
Hmm, might have discovered one problem.

If I am mid-way through an audiobook and lock the car, it seems inconsistent whether it remembers where I was in the file when I return and start the car later.

It appears to remember some times and not others - I need to track down the behavior.

Might be related to how long you leave the vehicle or whether I switched audio sources before leaving the car.

Be a bummer if it resets to the start of each file each time - I want to be able to go to any book and have it resume from where it was left (equivalent to "remember playback position" in iTunes).
Pausing iPod

OK, I spent some time trying the PCMCIA/CF route - it has the advantage of pausing properly for phone calls etc BUT has the major disadvantage of not remembering your place if you move off the mp3 track (switch to radio for example). So I am listening to an audiobook, ~4 hours in, if I switch to the radio and come back it plays the book from the begining again.

In the end I have come back around to the iPod which will always remember your position on each file (assuming you have set that option in iTunes).

I have discovered the iPod will pause if you:-

a) Select Audio Off from the drop down menu in the COMAND interface

b) Use voice command "Audio Off"

c) Switch to a different input (e.g. FM)

d) Toggle the ON (power) button for the whole COMAND system on the center console (the button above the volume wheel)

For most situations hitting the ON button (d above) does the job just fine but it switches off the entire system (except Climate) so it won't help if you are on the phone.

So this is where I have netted out:-

1) If I just need to pause the iPod quickly I use the ON button

2) If the phone rings I answer the call and quickly go to the audio menu and switch audio off

Not perfect, but workable.


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