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Hi guys

Just purchased an 08 S550 (W221). I am having an issue with my 30 pin iPod intergration cord in my glovebox. I bought a Bluetooth device to stream my music (tune2go) and I'm Geri f no power to it?? Two questions:

1. Is there possibly a fuse I can check for that particular cord?

2. Or, if I need to replace that cord, where the hell can I find one?? Been looking all over for one and can't find it! Check MB sites and everything. Anything helps!



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First, when asking a question, please give us all of the relevant information - like a link to the devices you're trying to connect. Entering "tune2go" in an internet search gets a number of links to things like trademarks, a karaoke player, insistence on including "tunes2go" (which has a wonderful selection of coolers) and other stuff not relevant to your question, and certainly not to the answer. My time for blind searching is limited.

I am more familiar with the ViseeO Tune2Air device, ViseeO Store - The Official Online Store for ViseeO - Free Worldwide Shipping | Viseeostore and similar devices - some of which plug directly into the MMI outlet and do not use the 30-pin adapter.

Your best source of the MI or MMI cable is the dealership. But before buying another, how about connecting an iPod - even if you have to borrow one - and see if it will come up as a selection in your audio menu.

There is no separate fuse I know of for the MMI input; there wasn't one on my '10 or my '13, but feel free to check your car's fuse diagram.
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