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Hi. I am new to the MB world. I previously had a BMW and now I own a Pre-Owned Avatgarde E320 2003. I am quite happy with the car but want to add some extras to it:

1. iPod Car Kit to connect my 80G Classic iPod
2. Bluetooth Phone Kit for my Windows Mobile SmartPhone

I want both of them to be integrated as possible with the steering wheels controls and the Audio 50 APS stereo system.

Any recommendations?


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Welcome to the forum. You will find the search tool is your friend.

Dension Gateway 500 for iPod integration. See Yiu would need the D2B version.

Retrofit your car with the original MB V60s setup and a V60 Bluetooth puck. See and be sure to read completely.

Alternatively, try the Bluetooth module that is an option with the Gateway 500.

Or last, for Bluetooth only, an Argos retrofit is an option. See

For other opinions that may differ from mine, again, the search tool is yiur friend.

It would be helpful if you would complete your profile, and at least let us know what continent you live on. It makes a difference in the answers to telematics questions. My answers above presume you are in the U.S., but this is a worldwide forum.
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