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Ipod and phone

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I am coming up to my build date for a 55 and I want to make sure I understand my options. I want to retrofit the Ipod cradle when it's available, do I need to do anything now or will this be a relatively easy dealer install later with all SLK's with command?
My other concern is about the phone option. I was not interested in the MB phone and contract but I love the integrated phone idea. Is it possible to add the option and then retrofit in another phone? If so how much trouble would it be???? Thanks,,Brad
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Hi Coit, you just remove a little triangular moulding from the 'hidden'pocket in the centre armrest lid and slide in the phone cradle. The choice of cradles IS very limited, but once it's in, I've found it works superbly. The only disconcerting feature is that there is some strange noise limitation circuitry built into it. When you (the car driver) are not speaking, tx on the phone is cut off (totally). The recipient of your phone call thinks you have cut thm off/gone in a dodgy area or not paid your bill!!!

Once you (or your callee has) got used to this quirk, you will find it's possibly one of the best 'hands free' you will come across - even with the lid down.
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