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Ipod and phone

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I am coming up to my build date for a 55 and I want to make sure I understand my options. I want to retrofit the Ipod cradle when it's available, do I need to do anything now or will this be a relatively easy dealer install later with all SLK's with command?
My other concern is about the phone option. I was not interested in the MB phone and contract but I love the integrated phone idea. Is it possible to add the option and then retrofit in another phone? If so how much trouble would it be???? Thanks,,Brad
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AMG55er - 1/31/2005 10:34 PM

Are there any readers in the US with knowledge about the phone options?
I have been looking into doing the phone thing through my dealer. I ordered the SLK with every option except the phone mainly because the I had the v60, 5 years ago. Now MB is actually getting with the times and offering the v710. Well, not offering it yet, but soon, maybe. Anyways, Dealer quoted me $2500 for the phone and all the internal crap to make it work including installation. Then $500 more if I wanted to add voice control.

I found this online. Documents/my05.pdf

and his site also has other really good info, most I have not had time to read just yet.

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