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IP pump gasket part number

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I have the following Bosch part number for the IP pump gasket on an OM352:

1411015097 it is coming up as a headlight gasket.

If someone has a chance could they pass me the IP pump gasket number or a cross for it?

Thanks in advance!
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Agree the amount of OM352 variations is mind blowing...

Anyway yes number looks like some of the pictures I have seen of it. Just odd that it comes up as a headlight gasket in some places...perhaps I do have the correct number. I copied it down from Sean at EuroTruck...thought I had miscopied.

I will be putting a new IP pump on a SEE engine to drop into my truck.

Any ideas on who to go to, to get one?
Long story but something is not right deep inside it. The engine was low on oil...I had checked it not too long before the bad sounds but either misread something or something else caused me to run low on oil. Will pull the engine apart and find out what happened.

So I got an almost new SEE engine at a great price and a new IP pump for it turned up a bit with larger in the end I will have another 20HP or so.

Reminds me I should get a pyrometer as well....if anyone has some suggestions as to which one let me know.
I did not know there were different thicknesses. Going into an OM352 with IP pump that has 9mm plungers.

I got two from Scott at EI, hoping they are the correct thicknesses. So the 2mm goes with the 205mm? And the 3mm goes with the 209mm? What part of the IP pump to I measure?

I can always make one if needed.

Shiny new 135HP IP pump :)


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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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