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IP pump gasket part number

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I have the following Bosch part number for the IP pump gasket on an OM352:

1411015097 it is coming up as a headlight gasket.

If someone has a chance could they pass me the IP pump gasket number or a cross for it?

Thanks in advance!
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There are many OM352's. Mine for instance is the Ultra powerful 353.902, 84ps, I suspect yours is slightly higher? The Engine number would be helpful regardless (we could try your VIN and see what it brings up if you want to PM me)

Do you mean hand pump gasket?

Which gasket?

Item 29?
Auto part Automotive engine part Transfer case part Automotive window part Transmission part

or one of these?
Auto part Text Automotive engine part Diagram Transmission part
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Uh...what happened to your engine?????

I would give Scott @ EI a call, he's the go-to (IMHO) Guy for all things Unimog, and especially FLU419 parts.
I really like the Auber one dokaTD recommends. They have a port you can put an audible alarm on or use it to fire a relay to turn on a fan or methanol injector (or something like that).
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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