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ION Audio Introduces Bluetooth Cassette Adapter

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This was just introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) out in Las Vegas this week:

CES 2014: Ion Audio Introduces Bluetooth Cassette Adapter to Upgrade Older Stereos - Mac Rumors
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Now, that's interesting.
Hi Skylaw,

This is indeed interesting! I googled the Ion product and found that it is apparently still not yet available, but I alsoid a google search for the term "Bluetooth cassette adapter" and found that our old friends at Radio Shack have this same product available at their stores now as product #1201526 at the price of $49.95 complete with charging cable (micro USB to go into the cassette body and Regular USB on the other end to go into car charger, wall charger or laptop USB port. I "installed" it in the parking lot, consisting of the following: 1 remove cassette from box. 2 push on/off button on end of cassette to turn on the wireless cassette. 3 Turn on smart phone settings to turn on Bluetooth. 4 Have phone search for Blutooth devices to pair with and it immediately found my Bluetooth cassette "RS1201526" which you select to pair up with your smart phone. 5 Insert the casette into the cassette player in your car. 6. select any music file on your phone and it will start playing on your stereo perfectly! You can use playlists or just have it play every song it has on the phone. No wires, no soldering, no anything! It just works!

It does allow volume control by the steering wheel + and - buttons and will mute the music when you get an incoming call. It unmutes the music when the call is finished. It doesn't display the track name, but what do you want, egg in your beer?

I put it in my 2004 S55 AMG, (MOST system), but after I got to thinking about it I reasoned that it should also work just fine in my 2002 S55 AMG with the old system (before MOST was adopted) and it does! Logically, it should work on any car, truck or snowmobile that has a cassette player installed. It has a rechargeable battery that charges fully in less than 2 hours and it will play music for about 8 hours on a charge.

I suppose you could get a problem if you park within 16 feet of another cassette use, but I suppose you could start up your $100k+ car and MOVE should this unlikely event occur.

I am not an audiophile, but the sound quality seems to me to be just fine. (YMMV)

For the sum total of $50 plus tax plus 3 minutes installation time, It definitely works for me!

Thank you very much (once again) for your excellent advice and hopefully others will see the value in this quick, cheap interface.

Best regards,

Bradm Wesley Chapel, FL
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Thanks for that update, Bradm!
It works.

Thanks for the post!!!!

I have been looking for this unit since the original post.

I bought one from Radio Shack and yes it works. The sound quality is better than any cassette I ever heard. This will allow Audible and Pandora streaming for road trips for $50.00. I have been using it in the BMW since Friday on the original charge, finally recharged it this morning.

I use the FlexSmart X3 unit in the BMW, it won't sync with the Benz radio.
The X3 lets you receive & end cell calls, stop start media, turn on off easy and charge your phone. You get a little FM static but not bad.

The cassette adapter sounds better than the X3 and will be perfect for road trips. It's just sorta a hassle for in town multi stop driving. The X3 is much better in that regard.
radioshack adapter keeps ejecting

Thanks for that update, Bradm!
I have a 2000 320E, when I insert the paired Radio Shack Bluetooth cassette adapter and close the door, the "message" on cassette "door" says it goes through track 1, then looks for track 2, then self ejects which sends the sound back to the radio. Is there a setting in the unit that I am missing.
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