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We're from Creative Film Cars in Manhattan. We provide special vehicles for film, television, fashion shoots, magazines and special events.

We would like to invite the members of your club to submit their vehicles to our film car database.

There is absolutely NO cost. Zero, zip, zilch, nada.
Your members will be paid if the car is used for a project.

On the day of the shoot the vehicle is fully insured and treated with the utmost respect. In most cases no driving will be required. They just have to look pretty. The owner is welcome to stay with the vehicle for the duration of the shoot, and has complete control over the use of their car. A check arrives a few days later. Voila!

Additional benefits, besides the check and hanging out with entertainment folks, are increasing the vehicles provenance, value, possible tax write-offs, and seeing their vehicles in print or on film.

Direct your membership to where they can submit their vehicles. We do shoots primarily in the North East around New York City.

If you know of any other clubs in the area that might be interested please pass this on.

For more info give us a call at 212-864-4060 or go to

Donald and John
[email protected]
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