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I'm new to the site and live in Charleston, SC.

I just bought a 2002 e320 wagon with 100K miles. I was searching for a 2002 210 wagon because I have a 6 mo. old and need more room. I'm wondering if I should get a third party warranty called EASYCARE that the dealer was offering (not a MB dealer). It's $1500 for a year, and covers big stuff, (engine, transmission, etc) along with AC, heating. Before purchasing the car, I had a MB dealer mechanic look at it and he said it looked good, no leaks, the hydraulic fluid or transmission, and said I'd need to fix the SRS sensor and new brakes and front rotors in 10K miles. I had the dealer put on new tires, change brakes and rotors and replace the SRS sensor, which was on, as part of the deal. I'm the third owner, and the car was a certified pre-owned car at 50K (which seems like a good thing). Interior shows signs of wear and tear, but the body doesn't have anything major wrong re: scratches or dings. I assume because it was certified preowned, etc, and see services on the carfax every 10K miles that it has been maintained that I might be okay without this warranty.

So I have some questions:
Is this warranty a waste of money?
Has anyone heard of EASYCARE warranties?

And it doesn't have a manual, how might I get one? Do I need to order from a dealer?

Very excited to have a MB! I had at '72 250 sedan as my first car (in 1996) and it was wonderful.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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Please join us on the W210 forum, you'll find it in the sedans section. I don't know anything about EASYCARE but it sounds like the car has been maintained properly. The $1500 probably only buys you 12/12000 and you should be O.K. without. You were wise to get the pre-purchase inspection and work the deficiencies into the deal. It's always nice to get some type of service history when you buy a pre-owned car. You might find a hardcopy owner's manual on eBay, I bought a couple of things I missed there.
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