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Howdy everyone! So, i've bought a 1994 E320 with peanut butter interior color a couple of weeks ago. Took awhile to find one in decent shape. I am the 3rd owner.

These are the things I've done since purchased:

1. Replaced wiring harness with updated one (old one just crumbles when moved)
2. Replaced thermostat (with OEM BEHR, the old one appeared new)
3. Replaced original radiator (with BEHR)
4. Replaced both aux fans (the one on the passenger side, was a bear to remove)
5. Replaced engine fan clutch (with OEM BEHR)
6. added NEW battery.
7. Filled car with Valvoline Zerex G-05 coolant
8. Replaced wiper relay (didn't help the ghost wiper at all)
9. Cleaned the interior with Lexol leather cleaner and conditioner

Texas weather has been pretty warm, but the E320 was running a bit too warm. The previous owner hard wired one aux fan (driver side) and didn't even bother the passenger side one. (it didn't work at all). So I've slowly have been buying parts and working here and there on replacing worn out items. Today, I did the Radiator, Viscous Fan, and wiring harness replacement with updated wires. I did Viscous Fan after it failed the "newspaper" test. The thermostat was just because I wanted good parts on it, and its easy. The radiator was original, so I replaced it with a new one. I'm still having "ghost wiper" it goes on out of the blue. Also it appears that it struggles to make a single wipe. I have greased up the assembly. Works somewhat better, but not much.

I am a newbie DIY'er and this forum has given me the confidence to work on my car and learn stuff along the way.

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