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1991 SL300
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Finally I'm a proud owner of my first MB ever, :).

I purchased the car in an action; overall there's nothing wrong with the car except the entire driver's side door is crashed in and will need to be replaced.

I assume any r129 body style will do, I plan to reuse most of the interior side panels from the crashed door. I also assume I should be able to transfer the key hole lock from the crashed door to the donor door as well.

I would appreciate your expert advice as to if my two assumptions above are correct.
For the same token I'd appreciate any referrals for places to acquire the entire driver side door.


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Welcome to Benzworld. Please complete your profile as this will help members give you the most accurate answer to your questions. Location is also important when we need to help you find parts etc. This forum is for introductions only and all questions should be posted on the appropriate sub forum for your car;

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