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After I rebuilt my engine wiring harness (during the head gasket repair), my ODB port seemed to stop working. When I took out the dash to fix the vent bellows, I tried plugging in my reader and it actually worked again. I figured moving all the wires around must have done something.
Now, I seem to be able to get a successful scan about 1 in 25 tries. Last week, my CEL came on so I tried to read the codes and it worked. Now, I cannot get it to read again. The scanner keeps saying "communicating with the vehicle".
I was doing some research and saw that there are adapters for the 38 pin port in the engine compartment to OBDII. Has anyone tried one of these adapters? Can you read all the same codes and reset codes? It seems like the ECU is putting out the right things, but something is flaky with the OBD connector. I thought for $9.99 it was worth a shot, but wanted to see what I should expect.

Thanks for any help
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