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Interior work began last week (Pictures)

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Well everyone,

We have decided to change the interior from what I have originally wanted which was ALL carbon fiber with Silver to match the wheels.
We have now decided to flip the options...Silver with carbon fiber. The door handles will be silver along with silver accents around the instrument cluster and silver in other places. The whole idea is that when the top is dropped that people looking at the interior get that "Oh My God" look on their faces.....That is what we intend to deliver.
Also we will finish getting the color matched roll bars in place along with the Xenon fog lights. I am also adding whats called "Puddle Lights (LED's)" which will be white when the door is opened and the white lights will go along the outside of each side of the car pointing straight down....should be a very nice accent to the silver wheels and interior.
The stereo is finished but I can't listen to it because the interior is completely torn apart as the pictures below
It should be completely finished by this weekend....(I hope).

More to come.


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Holy Sh!t Tungster!!! [:0][:0][:0] Thats one hell of a rodent problem you have there! [:D] Cant wait to see pics of it finished!!! [:p][:p][:p]
WOW!!! I like the shift knob. Hopefully you'll do something about the e-brake handle.
just some thoughts:

replace vinyl on doors with leather.

Do something to cup holder. Did you brake the little springs on yours yet ?

Somewhere behind the dash there is an antenna for remote door lock\unlock - try extending it to get a better range - and get a pic of it please.

Parking brake handle needs to be in leather or in CF to finish it all of.
u r doing mods i never thot possible b4. did u have steering wheel audio controls in mind?? possibly get a whole steering wheel from a salvage c-class or something?? will that work?
I'm not going to make any major changes as I want it to still look like an R170 model SLK32.

The R171 head light conversion would look awesome on my car but again I don't want to change the core R170 look.

I have already inquired about doing something to the e-brake.
I think headlights from something like Crysler Pacifica will be a better fit with R170 style

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Heres the response on the e-brake:

"Unfortunately the e-brake handle is made out of a very soft rubber/plastic material that can not be painted or carbonized which sucks because it was the first thing that I wanted to re-do when I sat in the car. Maybe we can have it wrapped in leather or something?"

I'm trying for black leather.
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