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Interior Touch Up Paint

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Hi Everyone,

I recently bought a 2013 CLS350 W218 with beige interior, I can see that the beige colour on the steering wheel has been touched up on a couple small patches. (this is were the plastic material underneath is black).

The volume up button is peeling very slightly showing the white plastic underneath so I would like to get the paint to touch it up and keep it looking as pristine as possible.

I have used an online VIN decoder to identify the interior colour (LEATHER - BEIGE (205A) ) however when I search for paint it is all "leather touch up paint" I cant find anything that specifically references trim or plastics.

Would it be correct to assume that the colour used is universal across the interior and the same paint would be used for the plastic trim and leather touch ups?

Perhaps some if you have had a similar experience with your cars and can share what you have done here.
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