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interior lights and vacuum

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still putting pieces on my wagon, and remembered today that i had no instument lights prior to taking on the body work project, i figured it was just a blown fuse but they are all good. i have no instument lights at all when turning on the headlights..gauges and trouble lights all work.. but no illumintaion lights..not even in the center console area? any ideas? any hidden fuses? im going to check the dimmer switch next..
also, this may be asked towards the euro guys out there (i have done a search, but looks like i may have differant system?) by the brake booster is the series of vac goes to a splitter..seems to act as a one way valve. i have isolated the solid yellow line as the central locks..but the yellow w/ black strip seems to go in and up above the dash area where i lose it? cant seem to figure out where that one goes? i do not have any climate control in the euro wagon..could it feed the storage tank in the rear? whatever it is, it is one of my vacuum leaks, cap its feed and my locks work..thanks Rob
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Leave the switch at zero and buy some euros if you want it to work. There is no connection on those US lights and recommend sticking a couple of golf tees in the end of the vacuum lines at the headlight.If you are not planning on towing a trailer,there is no need for the headlamp level adjustment anyways.
DieselKraut22 - 4/17/2006 12:18 AM

yellow and black is for vaccum cruise control....purple is the head lights
On my euro 280E the headlight vacuum lines are black/yellow.
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