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Probably should've mentioned this in the same thread as the brake rotors,but I didn't think about it. Anyhow, I've also got a couple questions/issues with the interior lighting on the 560.

First (and most annoying), the rear dome light doesn't exactly work properly. Sometimes it lights up when you open the door, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it lights up if you partially open the door and then goes out when it's all the way open. I've replaced both switches, which had no effect. Any idea what could cause that? Loose contact maybe?

Secondly, my front dome light recently burned out. How do I get to that to change it? I'm not going to replace it just now because I have something in mind for it, but I still need to know how to get to it...

Finally, my recirculation button, antenna button, and rear dome light button don't light up with the rest of the gauges/buttons when the lights are on. Somehow that doesn't seem right.

Oh, one other thing... when I hit the hazard light button only the right side lights flash. To get both sides to flash I have to hit the hazard button and turn on the left turn signal. Any idea what's going on there?

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(First Thing)I would check and make sure that your connection on the switches are soild, then check the dome light's connections make sure they are soild. Your wires leading to and from the light/switches MAY need to be replaced. Im not sure, just a thought.

(Second) this was taken from www.m b (take out the spaces to get to it)

When i get home i will check my service manual to see if there is a "proper" way to get it out, I'll post the pictures if it exists.

Overhauling a W126 Front Interior Light

Now, first off I have to say I havn't actually successfully done this. What I did do was take mine apart, breaking it in the process, then cursing mightily when I realized how simple it was to take it apart properly. Had I done this I would probably have been able to repair my defective one - the time delay circuit had failed causing a short that caused fuse 15 to blow - the one that controls all the interior lights.

Now, my time delay circuit board is in three pieces. I broke it taking it apart, but the life it sacrificed was not in vain; I now know how to take these factory-proclaimed-not-serviceable modules apart and fix them.

The one catch is you have to unsolder the circuit board from the 4 spade connectors you unplugged the wires from. Once you've done that properly you can pull up on the two copper contacts that fit into the plastic body and the whole circuit board - and it's not much bigger than a large postage stamp - will come free.

Don't mess with the switch part. I did and could not for the life of me get it working again - it's not a big rubust thing like the seat switches, it seems to be pretty flimsy actually.

Now that you have the circuit board out you need to test it. It's mostly resisters; there's a capaciter, a solid state relay and a 1455 timer chip, but that's it. In my case the relays was fried and shorted 12V to ground. Nice. So, If I'd been a bit more careful taking it apart I'd be replacing a $2 part right now instead of having to get a hole new unit.

Well, as they say on eBay "my loss is your gain". Maybe you can fix yours now if/when it fails.

Richard Sexton

(Finally) I know there is a light bulb back there somewhere that is responsible for lighting up those switches, im not sure if is in the switches them selves or what but either 1) the bulb(s) are dead 2) a wire that powers those bulbs isnt working properly.

(one other thing) Personally, I think it is the hazard switch that is the problem, perhaps a new one would fix the problem, if not that then its a wiring issue.

Good Luck with your stuff. I'll need luck too on mine.

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